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When we got pregnant with our first son Jackson, we decided to NOT find out what we were having. With it being our first child we wanted the BIG surprise! More so to annoy everyone else who couldn’t stand not knowing if it was a girl or a boy 🙂

The only problem we kept running into was, what were we going to decorate the baby’s room in???? I didn’t want a green/yellow room. What would be good for a boy or a girl? So we decided on a Dr. Seuss theme. PERFECT! Until we started looking for things….seven years ago, Dr. Seuss wasn’t as big as it is now and it was hard to find stuff for a baby room. Well, my mom is an artist and has painted many murals so we thought it would be fun to do a Dr. Seuss mural on 2 of the walls in the baby room!

Believe it or not this was a super easy thing to do as I found out! This was OUR process!

What you will need is a projector, pencil, pictures of what you want to go on the wall, paint pens and regular paint.

For our mural we painted the background first….green bottom and blue top for the grass and sky. We went with the overall Lorax theme on the wall then incorporated additional characters from other Dr. Seuss books. After that we added in where we wanted the trees. Then we thought out what characters we wanted on the wall and where.

After we had the overall idea for everything we got out the projector (I wish I had pictures for you but this was 7 yrs ago…blogging about this was the last thing on my mind..haha). You put the picture of what you want….we had a TON of books we used…on the projector and the picture would appear on the wall. You can adjust the size of the picture to the size you want. Then with a pencil, trace the picture. Trace as much or as little detail as you need. I traced like crazy…my mom drew the outline….she’s the pro not me! Then after you have it all traced with pencil now you get to color it all in with paint! We used the paint pens that you can get at any craft store to outline the finished work and give it a more Dr. Seuss-y feel.

I LOVE how it all turned out and after 7 yrs and 2 boys it’s still PERFECT! The boys love their room and have so much with it.

I thought this project would’ve been a lot harder but I was really surprised how fun and easy it was. Give it a try!